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An open letter to Congressman Adam Schiff. August 10, 2009

Congressman Schiff,

Here are my questions for your town hall meeting.

1. How are you going to pay for this Health Care Train Wreck (HCTW)?

2. Can you show the public a powerpoint presentation of precise facts and figures on exactly where the funds are going to come from to pay for the HCTW?

3. How is Barack Obama going to prevent illegal immigrants from benefiting from his HCTW.

4. How is Barack Obama going to prevent illegal immigrants from rushing over the border to sign up for his HCTW?

5. One of the methods that has been tabled is to tax health care benefits. If that method is chosen, will the healthcare benefits of the SEIU, UAW, United Steel workers and every other member of any union have their healthcare benefits taxed?

6. If Barack Obama’s HCTW passes and presents itself with a business model like Wal Mart, how will private healthcare survive? When Barack Obama says he want to provide “Affordable” healthcare, Describe affordable. 10 % less than average, 20% less than average, 50% less than average, 75% less than average, 85% less than average? Tell me.

7. If Barack Obama’s HCTW hammers the healthcare industry on costs much like Wal Mart does to it’s venders, what incentives do the healthcare industry have to expand and build facilities, hire personal and promote R&D in healthcare medicine?

8. Barack Obama’s HCTW proposes to cover 45 Million uninsured people with healthcare.  At this time the healthcare industry does not have adequate facilities to take care of the people that have insurance now.

Do you think that people will be interested in going to medical school if they will not be able to earn more than $30,000 a year because of payment limits in the Obama HCTW?

9. Congressman Schiff besides your degree in law, do you have an MBA?

10. Congressman Schiff, do you have any kind of degree in economics?

Finally I command you to vote NO against Barack Obama’s Healthcare Train Wreck.

I command you to vote NO against Barack Obama’s “Cap and Tax” Train Wreck.



An Open letter to Mr. Bill Novelli CEO of AARP (Updated 8/11/09)

Mr. Bill Novelli,

I am thoroughly disgusted in AARP’s decision to support Barack Obama’s Marxist Socialist Government Administered Health Care Program. Thank you AARP for throwing seniors under the bus to satisfy the wishes of a very selfish, morally damaged Democratic party. You are supposed to support us seniors and prevent organizations from taking advantage of us. The mere fact that Barack Obama wants to cut back on medicare to pay for this program is just wrong. Basically he will shift healthcare benefits from the elderly to much younger people that can still monetarily contribute to his healthcare train wreck. While older people that are retired, that are not working and will not contribute to the coffers of Barackos’ plan will then be denied healthcare in their later years. This is so wrong on so many levels it is disgusting. I have no idea how much money AARP gave to Barack Obama but if it was more than $1.00 it was a total waste of AARP’s members money. Being originally from Chicago, I am very familiar with corrupt Democratic “Pay to Play” politics. If AARP is involved with “Pay to Play” in the Obama administration, it will surface one day. I’ll be expecting a new press release with the official position of the AARP to be voting against the Barack Obama Government Administered Healthcare Train Wreck.

P.S.  I am not part of the Conservative “Mob.”


I’d like to make a correction that came from a comment from GDN. He/she pointed out that Mr. Novelli was replaced by a Mr. Barry Rand who supported Barack Obama with the maximum political donation of $4600.00 with a total of $15,900 total to the DNC since since 1995. Here is the source of that information.–lobby/new-aarp-chief-gave-big-to-obama-2009-03-12.html

I had already sent the letter via the AARP webpage to Mr. Novelli as I had read an older article that Mr, Novelli was still the CEO.

Thank you again GDN for that correction. The credit is all yours. 🙂



Barack Obama and Natural Disaster Preparedness 8/7/09 August 7, 2009

So far this year Barack Obama has been very lucky.  In his first year he is fortunate to be in an El Nino season.

El Nino description from NOAA.

And no you are wrong Al Gore. Global warming does not influence El Nino and La Nina conditions. It is a natural occurring event that has been going on for centuries.

“El Nino is first recorded in the early 1500s, and it happens every four years at that time. It usually lasts for a few weeks, but major events lasts for a little longer than a year. Recent events occur in 1957, 1965, 1972, 1976, 1982, 1983, and 1997. A powerful El Nino in 1982 and 1983 caused severe droughts in Australia and Indonesia. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, it brought an unusually large number of storms in California, USA. There were also violent rains and destructive floods in Ecuador and Peru.”

What this means is that the Atlantic Ocean is cool (Reduced fuel for hurricanes) thus far at this time there have been no named hurricane systems in the Atlantic to threaten the Southern States.

However when there is an EL Nino in effect then there is a history of torrential rains for the West Coast of the US when El Nino is active. Also at this time there is a possibility of Hurricane Felicia (8-7-09) affecting Hawaii. However the prognosis is that this hurricane will be reduced to tropical storm Felicia by the time it gets to Hawaii

So here is the point of my writings:

Barack Obama is concentrating on spending trillions of dollars for his Pork Barrel projects like Nationalized Heath Care and there will be no money available to help the people in the near future for what could possibly be a very bad flood and series of heavy rain events that may plague the Western Pacific States.  Recently it has been very hot and dry in the Pacific Northwest. That means that the jet stream has dropped further south.

More importantly when the El Nino subsides and La Nina returns, the number of named Hurricanes will increase again in the Atlantic. These storms as you know have caused the most severe damage to largely populated areas.

Here are the questions that I have:

1. Where is the money going to come from to help people recover from potentially devastating hurricanes in the future?

2. Where is the money going to come from to repair any damage from the “Pineapple Express” if it occurs again in the West Coast of the United States.

3. How will Barack Obama respond to these natural disasters in a timely manor?

4. How much experience does he have with dealing with a natural disaster like Katrina?

5. Will Barack Obama blame his shortfalls in FEMA’s response on George W. Bush?

6. Who will Barack Obama choose as the “Hurricane Czar” to be in charge of managing and directing hurricanes and being the official PIO for the hurricanes that may come ashore in the future?

Hopefully FEMA has learned a lot about Hurricane Response.  Maybe it will be better this time around if there is another Katrina. It is always possible that a CAT 5 storm could hit the continental US again in the future.

It seems that Barack Obama is taking the “Out of Sight Out of Mind” approach to the future on this topic.  Oh I know. Barack Obama will deal with that when and if necessary.

Just food for thought.



DNC Web Ad: ‘Enough of the Mob’ 8/6/09 August 5, 2009

This is the finest example of Marxist Socialist Propaganda that I have ever seen in my life time. This is a clear display of the break down of the integrity of the United States of America.  When the Government in Control deems the citizens of the United States are a  “Mob” then this is showing that this country is as divided as it was before the Civil War.  This does not look good for the future of the United States of America.  Every day Barack Obama makes this country look weaker and weaker.  By the DNC showing a total disregard of the citizen’s wishes it demonstrates that we are becoming no more civilized than Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan.

ST Marie