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Barack Obama Gives Away United States Military Strategy. February 27, 2009

Again Barack Obama demonstrates how stupid he really is.

Let me start out with the fact that I like the idea that our troops are coming home from Iraq. This is always good. No question on this topic.

However, Barack Obama should have done this quietly and incrementally. I believe that he will not bring them home all at one time, but decisions on the timing should be left to the military leaders who are trained in doing what they do best. It is not prudent to tell terrorists what the military plans of the US Armed Forces are.

So I leave you with these two questions that I am not going to answer. That is up to you.

Now that we have told the insurgents and terrorists our plan to send troops to Afghanistan and bring troops home from Iraq, Where do you think terrorists in Afghanistan are going to conduct their training with US Military presence in Afghanistan?

Because Barack Obama has revealed our Military Strategy, Do you think Barack Obama is still qualified to be Commander in Chief?

What was that old World War II saying? “Loose Lips Sink Our Ships.”

You tell me the answer.