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How Barack Obama Won the 2008 Election Star Date 10/11/08 October 11, 2008

I have a “What If” scenario much like Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK”

Oliver and I like to blog about our “What if ” ideas.

The only difference in our blogs is that Oliver blogs with a $100,000,000 budget, 1000 employees, a camera and 10,000 movie screens in the United States and the world.

I have a two year old computer, a keyboard and wire that leave’s my house and only God knows where it goes.

Remember this is only a theory based on existing facts.  Just food for thought.

OK, this is my theory about the timing of the failure of the housing market, the destruction of Wall Street and the 2008 presidential election.

In 1977 the Democrats created the Community Reinvestment Act. All is good and people in the inner city are qualifying for traditional  30 Year Loans and for the most part are paying them back as normal.

Here is the theory.  In 1987 Bill and Hillary are having discussions about maybe Hillary running for president some day.  But the Republicans are pretty strong and have control of the house and senate and a democrat may not get elected in 2000 and maybe 2004.  Bill Clinton knew he could not run again because of term limits.

How can we get Hillary in office in the future?

One of the best ways is to make the Republicans so unpopular with the public that Hillary could be the saving person and be elected to presidency.

How can we make the Republicans almost hated?

Here is where it gets interesting.

What if Bill Clinton, Barney Franks and a host of other Democrats came up with the idea of creating complete chaos on Wall Street.  How can we make Wall Street look realy, realy bad?  Wall Street seems to weather everything that is throw at it and is pretty resilient as long as there are any Republicans in control anywhere.

How can we do this? So the Democrats sat down and started to have conversations.  The idea comes up that it has to be a double barrel shotgun like the the Housing Market and Wall Street have to fail at the same time.  In addition we (The Democrats) would have to engineer it so it happens by coincidence at the time of the 2008 Elections.

How exactly are we going to accomplish this monumental task of taking down Wall Street and Main Street at the same time?  Like a very, very bad recession. Almost a depression.

Well, they thought and thought and thought and the idea that was most plausible was to get poor people to take on debt that they could never be able to pay back.

So how can we do that??

They thought and thought and the only way that seemed like it would work in the time needed was with very poor people buying over inflated priced houses that they would default on. The housing market would collapse and there would be a plethora of foreclosed homes that people could not get credit to buy, thus crippling the US Economy.

Well they thought.  How can we do THAT?

So the Democrats said we will write a law mandating that all people must be offered expensive loans that they could not afford and there will be millions of poor people losing their homes. And if the housing market collapses then it will create credit problems and Wall Street will go into a tailspin.

If we (The democrats) can time this correctly to happen in the very same period of the 2008 elections then the whole world will hate Republicans and we (The democrats) will be able to get Hillary elected with a slam dunk.

And so the expansion of the 1997 Community Investment Act was written and Bill Clinton signed it.

But then as early as 2000 the Republicans saw trouble ahead with Fannie Mae an Freddie Mac.  The Democrats panicked as the Repulicans were trying to derail the Democratic plan for the destruction of the US Economy. For the next four years the Democrats blocked the Republicans from putting any regulations on Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.

The Democrats had to get control of the house and senate.  Then the events of September 11, 2001 happened and it dislodged a lot of confidence in the general public. Life would never be the same…. or would it?  The Democrats noticed that 9/11 didn’t have a big impact on sales of houses with creative financed sub-prime loans. The Democrats were pleased as their plan to destroy wall street was still on schedule as 9/11 didn’t affect it.

Then the real big break came for the Democrats.  The war in Iraq that George Bush was in charge of.

“Perfect” the Democrats said.  The public mounted a lot of dislike for the George Bush and the Republicans.

The people wanted change, so in 2004 the public voted in a Democratic Congress and Senate.

Again in 2004 the minority Republicans tried to get regulations on Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae but the for the Democratic majority it was very easy to defeat.  This was good as now there were the begginings of a lot of problems at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Much to the Democratic delight the plan was coming together just as engineered.  The cards were about to fall.

In late 2007 the amount of foreclosures started to rise dramatically.  Poor people as well as some middle class people had balloon payments from the sub-prime loans that were starting to blow up.

The Democratic majority started an attack campaign to blame the greedy CEOs at large banks and institutions for writing the bad loans that the Democrats mandated by law to be written. After all, the below cost, interest only, no down payments loans were the only way poor people could buy a house.

Wow, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and the rest of the Democrats had almost accomplished what they wanted to do.  But something happened. The economy was collapsing faster and a much greater level than the Democrats wanted. Not only did houses go into foreclosure but very, very large, old banks and financial institutions started to fold.  Businesses started to close and unemployment grew to record levels.

Then the Crown Jewel was finally destroyed.  Wall Street reeled and the the stock market collapsed. We were in a mild depression that was well orchestrated by the Democratic Party as Hillary was gaining steam and becoming very, very popular. The presidential race for 2008 was starting as early as mid 2007.  Hillary was right there in line to be president. It seemed that Hillary was a lock.

Something happened. The economy got ever worse and the consumer confidence went to almost 0.

A great number of people now really hated George Bush, John Mc Cain and the Republicans.

Then a golden tongued Afro American man named Barack Obama came along and just dazzled people. Barack was a very mysterious person. He had a checkered past that was brushed under the carpet buy his rhetoric.  He preached of Utopia and all good things that the people wanted. Barack was almost like a dictator in his demeanor.  People were so taken back by Barack Obama’s persona that they would believe anything he said. He is the self proclaimed “Messiah” that would save the US from the evil Republicans. He was so powerful that he dislodged Hillary Clinton from her chance to become president.  A very, very bitter pill for Bill Clinton to swallow as he knew he would not be able to get any new interns again while returning to live in the White House.

Barack Obama knew that old saying:

“If you can dazzle them with your brilliance then baffle them with your Bullshit.”

Barack Obama with the help of voter registration fraud perpetrated by ACORN was elected President of the United States on November 4th 2008.

The Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and rest of the Democrats accomplished everything they had planned except to get Hillary Clinton elected as president.

“What if this really happened?”

The End