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Senator Harry Reid and the Train to No Where. June 9, 2009

Again Senator Harry Reid (D Nevada) shows just how stupid he really is.  First of all his boss, the brilliant Barack Obama has told businesses that they better not be wasting their money going to Las Vegas.

Here is a news story from KTNV Las Vegas explaining just what Barack Obama said to damage the Economy in Las Vegas.

Now Senator Harry Reid want to “derail” a maglev project that would run from Anaheim, CA with one stop in Downtown Los Angeles and then continue to Las Vegas.

Here is the reason I am writing about this. I live in Los Angeles and I used to live in Las Vegas.  I was always amazed that Amtrak Train service was terminated on May 10, 1997. Now the only way to get to Las Vegas is by Amtrack bus.  Ok did you ever ride for 6 hours in a bus. Not a the most elegant way to travel. All it would take would be two trains a day going each way in the morning and the evening.  Not a lot to asks.

I have seen this project on the board since the 80’s. There was always a model of it in the lobby of the old Las Vegas Convention Center. The plan was to have a high speed train that would take maybe 2 to 3 hours to go from Anaheim to Las Vegas.  If this was in place then a family could go to the Anaheim resorts for a few days making that home base and then take a short train ride to Las Vegas for a few days and then return to Anaheim. or do this the opposite way making Las Vegas home base.

But now Harry Reid wants the train to start in Las Vegas and terminate in Victorville, CA

This where the train would stop instead of going to the where the second map will show.


This is where the train should be routed. This map represents a direct route not stopping in Los Angeles.

Here is what the route would look like if it stopped in Las Angeles.


The traffic on I15 is just horrible on the weekends. Both California and Nevada continue on make improvements on I15 but it just takes one high speed accident on I15 to close it for hours. Usually due to lack of sleep, overloaded vehicles and alcohol the accidents on I15 are unusually violent. A lot of very unsafe charter busses run this route and are prone to very deadly accidents.

Sen Harry Reid (D Nevada) will continue to build a train to nowhere. My apologies to the people of  Victorville, CA but the majority of traffic to Las Vegas goes from Los Angeles and Orange Counties to Las Vegas. It would slow the train down but maybe it could stop in Victorville and Barstow. That would have to be investigated.

ST Marie