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The Big Picture. August 17, 2010

It is very obvious that Barack Obama and his lame crew do not have any vision for the future and if they do it is a very damaged understanding of what is really going to happen.  This video has the vision of what will really happen in the future.

Please watch and comment. I will accept reasonable, intelligent comments either in favor or not in favor. I will consider “flames” as junk and will not accept those comments.




Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words. June 10, 2009

Actual Police Mug shots.

Police Mug Shots

Just think about this for a second: Did you ever see anyone arrested wearing a Bush shirt,  or–for you older people–an Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan or Dole shirt?  This crowd is in love with Obama.

Enough said.



Positive Thinking Here 2/28/09 (Updated 12/15/09) March 12, 2009

I  hope this is true. An unscientific AOL Poll 2/26/09.


AOL Poll 2/28/09



This was from November 4, 2008. Where did this country go so wrong?


AOL Poll 3/12/09


I’m thinking that anybody that is concerned about their future does not want to work (be controlled by) Barack Obama.


Barack Obama’s popularity continues to decline.


What people really think about Gitmo.

obama_poll_6-9-09 TV Newser Poll 6/25/09


AOL Poll 7/12/09


7/14/09 Yet another poll from  I’m now trying to figure who the few people that really like Obama are.


Well here is it 10 months later. Barack Obama approval ratings are still falling at an unprecedented rate.

This is a poll on 12/15/09

Source for this poll is:

This is just one of the many polls from many different places that all show a negative response for Barack Obama’s approval rating.

I track this poll everyday. This is a more scientific and maybe a lot more accurate poll:

The Rasmussen Reports Daily Tracking Poll

Do your homework and track the polls!!!!

ST Marie


The Barack Obama Honeymoon May Be Dwindling Before The First 100 Days. February 21, 2009

This is an unscientific poll from AOL news article on 2/20/09.

A note here about the story about the poll and that was the poll talked about in the article was from CNN.

CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC and ABC and their viewing audience are very biased towards the liberal side in its stories have a tendency to throw rose petals in the path before Barack Obama.

So when the article says the results are from a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, it will tell you like it says “The numbers show the drop was mainly among Republicans” is a very biased comment as Republicans in general were never excited about Barack Obama’s winning of the presidency.  That being said I think there are a lot more democrats that are losing faith in Barack Obama than what CNN wants to report. This poll at AOL has no way to determine what party is selecting what item to vote for. As you go though all the polls on the AOL News webpages you will find results that are all over the map.  So there is a good chance that this poll pictured below maybe, I repeat maybe a better snapshot on what the public really is thinking.


I really hope the public is waking up to what this man is really doing to our Country.