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STMarie and Bob Barr Libertarian Party October 20, 2008

OK so now I will use just this one page for my explanation  on why I am voting for Bob Barr. Here is a 30 minute partial interview with Bob Barr on CSPAN. Unfortunately it is not the full interview but at least it may spark an interest to go look at other interviews with Bob Barr.

I want to think you will find him very, very refreshing and not the bellowing mindless balderdash and ballyhoo that both Barack Obama and John Mc Cain will spew at you ad nauseam.

The video speaks for itself.

Please take 30 min to watch this. I have to give Kudos to CSPAN for giving Bob Barr this amount of time so he can give people a chance to see what he is about.

The sad state of the Mc Cain/ Obama race is that Barack Obama is so dishonest.  During the primary Barack Obama agreed to Campaign Spending limits in the elections.  So that meant that Barack Obama and John Mc Cain would be on equal ground when it came to campaign spending. Then Barack proved that he is an outright liar as he reneged on his promise to those terms.  Instead he choose to bilk millions of dollars out of the poorest and the richest people to Buy his election.  How hypocritical is that?

If you noticed that none of the people or organizations that sponsored the debates asked any of the third party candidates in at least one of the debates.

Basically the Mainstream Media, Yes, that includes Fox News, denied you the right to at least listen to all the parties position all at one time.

That my friends is so wrong.  Basically you have been played as a dumb block of lead that is not capable of making any other decision other than what is put in front your nose.

This will be my only post talking about Bob Barr. It is not my job to make you change your mind like some one that keeps using the word change ad nauseam to the point that I have removed it from my lexicon.

As of last Friday I have stopped watching  all news as the very instance of Barack Obama’s voice makes me want to hurl.

So I ask you all do not elect Barack Obama as I do not want to walk around hurling all over the place for the next 4 years when I hear his voice.  That would not be a pretty visual.

Finally if you do decide on a third party for your choice and your state has deprived you of your choice to vote then use the power of the write in vote.  Yes you can do that.

Thank you,

Bob Barr for President 2008



STMarie and Third Party Candidates.

Up until this time I have not used this blog to promote my choice for President 2008. I have mentioned it but I have not dwelled upon it.

Rather I have wanted to implore to people to vote for anyone else of their choice except for Barack Obama.

Here is what I see wrong with this election in 2008 and other previous elections.

The two front running candidates for both the Republican and the Democratic party want you to believe that they are the only two candidates running when that is most certainly untrue. Both the Democrats and the Republicans will brainwash you into thinking that voting for any third party is a wasted vote. That is also a false statement.

So I ask you this.  YOU have been allowed the privilege, not the right, to vote. So to me that means that if you vote your conscience then you will not be part of the mindless stampede towards the Republican or the Democratic ticket and Yes your vote will count as it tells the public that you have the intelligence to make a logical choice on your own.

Typically if you go to any newspaper, TV or Radio Network you will find something like this:

Washington Post Newspaper.

What the mainstream news outlets as well as the Republican or Democratic parties do not want you to know is that this is what is really available to you to choose from:

Presidency 2008

So what I am trying to say or ask of you is to do your due diligence as a Patriot of the United States and at least do some research as to who is also running. If you decide after reading about the other parties that none of the other choices appeal to you then there is nothing wrong with voting for anyone exempt Barack Obama. OK, OK so that only leaves you with a Republican vote.  But that is 1000 times better than Barack Obama.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it makes you more aware, if not for this election then for future elections.

Bob Barr for President 2008