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Barack Obama, Colin Powell and Hypocrisy October 24, 2008

A few days ago I responded to a poll that I think was at AOL or maybe Fox News. I don’t remember.

The poll asked me if Colin Powell’s (R) endorsement for Barack Obama meant anything to me or if it helps Barack Obama.

My answer was NO.

Here is why.  Barack Obama will scream that George W lied to us and said that he (George W) went into Iraq to find Weapons of Mass Destruction and that was a lie as there were no WMDs.

Now 5 years later Col. Colin Powell who is the very person that testified in 2003 and told Congress and George W. that there were WMDs is now endorsing Barack Obama. This does not look good for Colin Powell’s credibility by flip flopping and being easily persuaded to change his (Colin Powell’s) position.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Addresses the U.N. Security Council

So now Barack Obama is so happy to have (Colin Powell) endorse him. The same Colin Powell who told the lies to Congress and convinced George W. to take action. Is that not being a hypocrite or not?

So what exactly does Colin Powell’s endorsement prove?  Simple, an Afro American endorsing another Afro American based on the color of Barack’s skin and not even doing the research to find out who Barack Obama really is.

Here is the part that saddens me.  I would vote for an Afro American for US president if I found one that I really liked, I felt comfortable with and was qualified to be the leader of the USA.  Barack Obama is not that person. I often said that If Colin Powell ran for president then I would vote for him. How ever now that I see what he is capable of doing in the case of endorsing Barack Obama, I’m glad I never had the chance to vote for him.

Bob Barr for President 2008

I voted. Did you?