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Socialism: A Failed Social Economic Business Model. January 11, 2011

December 11, 2011

It is now time to pay the piper as they say.  California and Illinois have the worst credit ratings than any other state in the Union.

Both of these states have been dominated by Liberal/Socialist/Democrats for years that are pro union and anti-business.

Gov. Jerry Brown (D. CA) has announced draconian cuts to welfare related entitlement programs through out the state (I. E. Greece and Ireland).

This will affect the poorest of the poorest in the state that the  Liberal/Socialist/Democrats proudly tout in campaign speeches to represent and protect so that these economically challenged people will vote them back into office year after year.

Even though Jerry Brown is proposing these draconian cuts he is not planning on cutting the HUGE Government/SEIU entitlement/retirement costs that at least California suffers from.

Here is a hardcore fact. There are thousands and thousands of “Baby Boomers” that work for the State of California as well as other states.  Starting this year (2011) Baby Boomers turn 65 and are starting to retire.  When they retire they are going to collect sometimes up to 80% of their salary for the rest of their lives along with health coverage that is 100% funded by tax payer dollars.

This is unsustainable going into the future. Simple math. A growing number of “Baby Boomers” retiring and a dwindling number of people paying taxes compared to people collection pension money and healthcare from the state.  Keep in mind this same scenario that exists at the federal level.

This employee pension time bomb. is going to force two things.

1. California declares bankruptcy that will make all government and Government Union contracts Null and Void.

2. The Fed starts to print money (Inflation that will not lead to new jobs subsequently not generating a new tax base.) to prop up California’s economy.

This will put California’s financial burden on the US tax payer.  That means that someone in Vermont,
Massachusetts etc. are paying to bail out California and maybe Illinois.

The poor get massive cuts and the government employees and government unions are allowed to be paid the crippling entitlement programs that are the biggest costs in running California Government.

Here is Jerry Brown’s Plan, Ready for this?: Jerry Brown wants to spend millions of dollars for a special vote in June to ask taxpayers for millions of dollars in tax increases.

Does that make sense to you?

Jerry Brown has been Governor before for two terms.  The majority people that re-elected him were not even born then or did not even live in this country during his last term of Governor.

So they have no idea of the damage that he did the last time.

Here in California we have a very unusual proposition that was passed on June 6, 1978.  Proposition 13 helps home owners to able to afford and keep their homes.

Jerry Brown states that he has no intention of dismantling Prop 13, however he wants to attack the subsequent affects of Prop 13 to allow local counties and cities to collect additional taxes to shift the tax burden from the state to county and local municipalities. What exactly does that mean?

People are losing their homes and could be subject to additional property taxes that will further exacerbate the rate of home foreclosures in the state of California.

So instead of being an ambassador to business and courting businesses to start and expand businesses with tax incentives in California creating jobs to increase the tax base,

Jerry Brown has decided to punish poor people with entitlement cuts and even worse punish the responsible working class with tax hikes to pay the unions and fund the state pension train wreck.

The bond rating for California has dropped significantly,  Reason? You need taxpayer dollars to payback municipal bonds. When a municipal bond is issued it has to be backed by tax payer dollars to repay the bond when it is due. If the state is broke it can either raise taxes, issue municipal bonds or cut government spending. Those are the choices. There are only bandaids in the interim  to temporarily patch the fiscal budgets of the state of California.

Stay tuned to what happens in California. As they say “As California goes, so goes the rest of the country.”

ST Marie.


An open letter to Congressman Adam Schiff. August 10, 2009

Congressman Schiff,

Here are my questions for your town hall meeting.

1. How are you going to pay for this Health Care Train Wreck (HCTW)?

2. Can you show the public a powerpoint presentation of precise facts and figures on exactly where the funds are going to come from to pay for the HCTW?

3. How is Barack Obama going to prevent illegal immigrants from benefiting from his HCTW.

4. How is Barack Obama going to prevent illegal immigrants from rushing over the border to sign up for his HCTW?

5. One of the methods that has been tabled is to tax health care benefits. If that method is chosen, will the healthcare benefits of the SEIU, UAW, United Steel workers and every other member of any union have their healthcare benefits taxed?

6. If Barack Obama’s HCTW passes and presents itself with a business model like Wal Mart, how will private healthcare survive? When Barack Obama says he want to provide “Affordable” healthcare, Describe affordable. 10 % less than average, 20% less than average, 50% less than average, 75% less than average, 85% less than average? Tell me.

7. If Barack Obama’s HCTW hammers the healthcare industry on costs much like Wal Mart does to it’s venders, what incentives do the healthcare industry have to expand and build facilities, hire personal and promote R&D in healthcare medicine?

8. Barack Obama’s HCTW proposes to cover 45 Million uninsured people with healthcare.  At this time the healthcare industry does not have adequate facilities to take care of the people that have insurance now.

Do you think that people will be interested in going to medical school if they will not be able to earn more than $30,000 a year because of payment limits in the Obama HCTW?

9. Congressman Schiff besides your degree in law, do you have an MBA?

10. Congressman Schiff, do you have any kind of degree in economics?

Finally I command you to vote NO against Barack Obama’s Healthcare Train Wreck.

I command you to vote NO against Barack Obama’s “Cap and Tax” Train Wreck.



Barack Obama, Social Healthcare and the Democrats. February 3, 2009

Yesterday I received my annual bad news from my Health Insurance Company. My monthly premium went from $461 a Month to $597 a month payable every two months for a total of $1194 every two months.

I’m single not married and no kids. I just can’t imagine what this would cost for a family of four.

So what are Barack Obama and the Democrats choices here?

1.  The federal government can impose price guidelines on insurance companies for premium limits.

This is is not a good idea for the government to interfere with private enterprise as this will for certain cause a deterioration in healthcare services as the companies are locked into federally mandated rates. We saw the results of this when Bill Clinton imposed a mandate for lending institutions to meet quotas for loan applications.

2. The federal govenment can provide subsidies to the taxpayers with reimbursement checks to cover health care premiums.

This is a horrible idea. Who would qualify for these checks?  Tax payers that pay over a certain amount ins taxes? Economically challenged (I don’t like the word poor) who pay very little into the tax system that supports this program? The middle class that always seems to support everything the federal government spends money on? Illegal Immigrants who don’t belong in this country to begin with? Would you have to prove that you are paying for and have an active healthcare plan that the individual is already paying for so you can get a reimbursement for the paid premium?  Who would get these checks and where would the funds com from to pay for it?

3. The federal government can provide all the healthcare for free.

Ok this is a very, very bad idea for a number of reasons.  How many of you have know a veteran of the US Armed forces?  How many of you know the quality of healthcare they have received at any Veterans Administration Hospital? I have had two of my best friends who were in the military die because of the deplorable and incompetent administration in the Veterans Administration health care system. Time after time they were denied the proper health care treatment that was needed.  Because both of my friends could not afford any other healthcare they could not receive treatment out side of the VA system. One of these two friends of mine was in the Hines VA Hospital in Chicago for over a year.  Think of that. Michael was in that hospital for over a year. He did not go home for one year. What efficient and properly run hospital keeps a person for a year in a bed in the hospital? Hospitals in the public sector strive to heal and get a person out of the hospital as soon as possible.  During that time Michael was in the VA hospital he received very little information on his condition. I used to call him all the time while he was in and all he could tell me is: “They don’t know what is exactly wrong or how to fix it.”  To this day I really do not know what exactly Michael’s condition was only that they had removed a lot of his innards.  No, he did not have cancer. Based on this experience with my best High School friend, I can not put any faith what so ever in Government instituted and administered healthcare. Because of the deteriorated quality of life that the VA left him with, Michael overdosed this past Christmas Eve ( 2008 ) taking his own life.

My second friend Carl battled with the VA for years with a heart problem. The VA told him at first that he was OK. Nothing was wrong. But over a period of time Carl felt his heart get out of rhythm causing him to get very tired. After a 5 year battle he finally got a pacemaker and even then the VA would not change his status to “disabled” so he could get military disability payments. It finally was determined that Carl needed a new heart.  Again the battle went on for another 4 years to get approval from the VA for new heart.  Carl died on the operating table at Loma Linda Hospital while being prepared for heart surgery. All because of the incompetency of the Veterans Administration Hospital System.

When you sign that piece of recruitment paper the Government guarantees your healthcare for the rest of your life from the Veterans Administration Hospital, so why should the people volunteering to serve our country ever have to worry about quality health care for the rest of their lives?

4. The federal government can give very large tax credits and deductions to businesses that pay for half of the health care premiums for their employees and give tax credits to individuals who are self employed so they can afford to buy health insurance.

I think the last option is the best. Here is why.  If you give all businesses small and large the incentive to provide healthcare to all employees and owners, the work force will stay healthier.  And guess what? If employees are kept in good health then the employees will be more productive, miss less days being sick and guess what?  Yes, all vested in this tax incentive program will pay more taxes because they will be working more and earning more money.

Here is the point I’m trying to make.  If the Federal Government can not even run the Veterans Administration efficiently, How are they going to provide health care to the entire US Population?

Next is how are we going to pay for this?  60% income tax?

So either you pay a lot to the government in taxes for healthcare or you pay the insurance companies, hospitals and attorneys a lot of money. Either way the citizens of the USA have to pay for healthcare somehow. I tend to believe that the government provided healthcare would have a lot of pork in it and the quality of health care would be abysmal at best.

People who receive government healthcare in socialistic countries like Canada tell of waiting very long periods of time to get a non-emergency appointment with a doctor because there are millions of people on this program. Not a good thing as non-emergency problems can change rapidly and sometimes it is to late to take evasive action to prevent a deteriorating condition.

One way or another the citizens of the USA are going to have to pay for health care. Nothing is free…… nothing. We all pay for it somehow.  The notion that “Free Health Care” from the government is just more propaganda from the Democratic party to lure votes and popularity among the Democrats in office and those that are running for office.