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The Big Picture. August 17, 2010

It is very obvious that Barack Obama and his lame crew do not have any vision for the future and if they do it is a very damaged understanding of what is really going to happen.  This video has the vision of what will really happen in the future.

Please watch and comment. I will accept reasonable, intelligent comments either in favor or not in favor. I will consider “flames” as junk and will not accept those comments.




An Open letter to Trace Gallagher and Martha MacCallum at Fox News October 10, 2008

Hello Trace and Martha,

Here are my thoughts:

Let there be tax exempt bond/investment instruments (call them what you like) for projects like cellular and data (Internet) communications, roads, bridges, expanding and building new wind generator farms, building vast solar generating farms in the southwest to generate and distribute power to the rest of the United states via new and improved national power grid. communications infrastructure, DTV, Cable and High Speed Internet in rural areas aka “THE FINAL MILE”, cross country power transmission restoring our aging and antiquated national power grid to help eliminate power outages and to get more power into rural areas of the US, non-fossil fuel power generating plants, Upgrading the existing power plants to for greater capacity and efficiency, expanding and rebuilding of our interstate highway system, Restoring our National Park System and finally Railroads.

Let’s get the railroads back to the grand stature that they were up until the 1950’s.  Fast, safe trains that run all over the county even into small towns to help build the economies outside of big cities. Get rid of Amtrak and encourage free enterprise again in passenger rail service. Create a country of high speed electric “Magnetic Levitation” trains that do not burn fossil fuel or damage the environment

Multiple things happen here.

  1. The companies would be able to issue tax exempt bond /investment instruments set up like a bond that would accrue to face value for the voluntary purchase of the tax exempt bond /investment instrument . These investment instruments would be a long term investment for a minimum of 10 years and up to 25 years. They could be distributed in increments of $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 like Series E government bonds that my parents bought that eventually put me through college. These tax exempt instruments could be bought at a discount (say $12.50 for a $25.00 tax exempt bond /investment instruments that would have a $25.00 face value at the maturation date. These bond / investment instruments could be bought on a daily bases but only sold on the maturation date of the bond / Investment instrument. This would allow all people of all income levels to participate in this program. These investment instruments could be put into IRA’s or held in 401Ks or in an investment portfolio. These instruments would be guaranteed by third party underwriters.  If the underwriters determines that the Instrument / bond is no good then the company will not be allowed to issue the bond / investment product.
  2. Companies would have money to rebuild or expand their services without using government tax payer money or charging huge surcharges to their customers for the rebuilding of America.
  3. In the case of Interstate projects like roads, bridges, federal park land or any other government need these would be United States government issued tax exempt bond / investment instruments. These would not be a burden to the taxpayer if they do not want to participate in purchasing these tax exempt bond / investment instruments.
  4. Millions of jobs would be created, to say the least. Regular tax payer base would grow substantially thus aiding in the paying off the national debt.
  5. The public would invest in America again if they did not have to pay any taxes on their income from these investment tax exempt products/Instruments.
  6. The public would have a tax exempt bond / investment instrument to help pay for their children’s education or a persons retirement.
  7. These tax exempt bonds/investment instruments would also allow out country to have the R & D to be on the cutting edge of technology, medicine, communications, and any other field that we should be leaders in the free world again.

In closing we have to give our county a safe and sane way to participate in building wealth and building this great county of the United States of America.

Bob Barr for President ‘08

Thank you,


Los Angeles, CA