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Barack Obama and the Employee Free Choice Act February 23, 2009

So here we go with loosing the democratic right to vote.

If Barack Obama succeeds with getting the Employee Free Choice Act passed. The Untied States worker had a huge problem. They will be losing the right to a private/closed vote on whether or not the company that they work for can become unionized. This is a travesty against human rights. Here is why. Everyone now in the meeting room will know who voted for and who voted against the union organization. Due to peer pressure, even if someone does not want to be organized into a union then that person will be black balled and their life will be filled with harassment from employees who did organize, the shop steward and of course the Business Agent. That person that did not want to be part of the Union will have to eventually quit or somehow their fellow employees will set the dissenters up for a fall and they will be fired from entrapment or just all out lies from the organized employees.

If there are any labor disputes the union members cannot go into arbitration for either wages or infractions (that they believe are happening) with the owners of the company.
The owners will either have to cave into the demands of the union leaders (otherwise know as coercion) or the owners will have to close their business.

The most prominent example of this that I can remember  happened in 1973 with a great public transportation system.  The Evanston (Ill.) Bus Company.  The union went on strike demanding wages exceeding the wages that were paid to the then Chicago Transit Authority. The owners of the Evanston Bus Company repeatedly told the union members that the numbers that they were demanding in their strike were not obtainable without dramatically increasing fare rates and cutting back on equipment maintenance and purchases.  The owners of the Evanston Bus Company also told them if the strike continued that the Evanston Bus Company would have to shut down and go out of business.  That is exactly what happened in 1973. The Evanston Bus Company ceased operation as the striking drivers would not return to work.  This just like the steel companies and many other businesses that were forced to close because of union actions that will become prominent again.

This is not the change that America is looking for. The Employee Free Choice Act will only cause more businesses to go off shore not only in manufacturing, the corporate offices may move off shore also to avoid the un-business like climate created by the unions.