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Photography, The Glendale, CA Park System, Fees and Greedy Government. May 27, 2009

Today, 5/27/09 I had yet another incident while shooting pictures on taxpayer funded properties. This last incident happened at Brand Park in Glendale, CA 1601 W. Mountain St, Glendale, CA‎.  I was asked by a very polite worker not to take pictures because I didn’t have a permit.  There was one little sign, I mean little sign that is difficult to see when driving in.  OK, the cities argument is that the sign is posted.  Posted where and how big is the sign? OK, If I was doing a commercial shoot like a wedding photographer or for a print advertisement I could understand that a permit and liability insurance are required for that type of activity as I would be making a profit off of those pictures.   However, I am a casual hobby photographer that just likes to take pictures. I was not taking pictures of people in the park as to invade anyone’s privacy. Why do I have to pay $30.00 to take pictures in a public park that is funded by tax payer dollars?

So my advise is not to patronize the Parks in Glendale California until they let the non-commercial tax payers use the park without paying any additional fee besides taxes.

This is yet another example of Huge Greedy Government usually run by Democrats who just love Taxes and Fees.



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