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The Barack Obama Honeymoon May Be Dwindling Before The First 100 Days. February 21, 2009

This is an unscientific poll from AOL news article on 2/20/09.

A note here about the story about the poll and that was the poll talked about in the article was from CNN.

CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC and ABC and their viewing audience are very biased towards the liberal side in its stories have a tendency to throw rose petals in the path before Barack Obama.

So when the article says the results are from a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, it will tell you like it says “The numbers show the drop was mainly among Republicans” is a very biased comment as Republicans in general were never excited about Barack Obama’s winning of the presidency.  That being said I think there are a lot more democrats that are losing faith in Barack Obama than what CNN wants to report. This poll at AOL has no way to determine what party is selecting what item to vote for. As you go though all the polls on the AOL News webpages you will find results that are all over the map.  So there is a good chance that this poll pictured below maybe, I repeat maybe a better snapshot on what the public really is thinking.


I really hope the public is waking up to what this man is really doing to our Country.



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