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Obama Presidency an Illegal Immigrant’s Dream October 30, 2008

Ok, Speaking of Illegal Immigration. It appears that Barack Obama again proves that he is not a patriot. He doesn’t care about the laws of this country. Barack Obama will tell you any lie to get a vote.

It appears that he just want to give citizenship away for free.  Ok on so he may put up a little test and make the Illegal immigrants pay a small fee. What I mean by giving it away for free is that these people will not have to pay the dues that legal immigrants who enter this country and denounce their citizenship from their native countries to become an American Citizen of the United States of American and an American Patriot.

Obama Presidency an Illegal Immigrant’s Dream

If Barack Obama was a real patriot he would be damn proud of I.C.E and what they are doing to protect the sovereignty of this great country.

Bob Barr for President 2008



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