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Barack Obama’s Controversial Television Propaganda 10/29/08. October 29, 2008

Tonight there will be an interesting televised event.  Barack Obama with his millions of embezzled dollars has bought 1/2 hours worth of propaganda time on 7 TV networks. The Obama Election group bought time on CBS, NBC and FOX for about $1 million per network. It is also scheduled to run on Univision, BET, MSNBC and TV One.

I might add that I am very very proud of CNN and FNC for not carrying this Balderdash.  People do not need to be brainwashed anymore than they have been. I’m sure all networks that are not airing this Ballyhoo that Barack will be spewing tonight will be covering this propaganda like any other news (If you can call Barack Obama news. He is more like “Old News”) story tonight.

I’m sure all of you that have voted before have seen both the pros and cons of either a measure, bill or proposition on a ballot.  The ballot usually tells both sides of what the costs and effects of the proposition, bill or measure will bring to the table so you can make an informed choice. Tonight you will not hear the con’s or the fiscal damages that Barack Obama’s hidden agenda of higher taxes will bring to our economy.

This speech of propaganda will only tell the viewing audience what Barack Obama sees as how he is going to bring the United States to Utopia. This event is billed as a “Political Infomercial.” That is a very polite word for 1/2 hour of propaganda for the uneducated to watch and digest.

Barack Obama continues to show all the signs of a well choreographed dictator.  Let’s see what the viewing numbers are like tonight.  That may tell us alot who is really interested in Barack Obama. It is amazing that a really unqualified individual like Barack Obama can just buy a whole country as if he were buying a suit at Neiman Marcus.   ST

Bob Barr for President 2008


One Response to “Barack Obama’s Controversial Television Propaganda 10/29/08.”

  1. CD Says:

    Well theres nothing like a well ‘choreographed dictator’ to shape up a country.

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