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Barack Obama Partially Revealed Star Date 10/18/2008 October 24, 2008

I have been blogging for the past weeks that all my research has led me to believe that part of the  Barack Obama mystery is that he is a Marxist Socialist. Barack Obama finally revealed that when he told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to take 39% of Joe’s hard earned money and distribute it to the rest of the country. In a nut shell Barack Obama wants to create a county of entitlement where people who do not want to get an education, learn English or get a job will be able to have free medical and possible free housing.

So to the people that are still going to vote for Barack Obama I have to ask this question.

What is the number one reason that you are still going to vote for Barack Obama?

1. The color of Barack Obama’s Skin?

2. Because everyone else is voting for him?  Mob reaction for the dissolution of the Republican, Libertarian, Constitutionalist  or any other patriotic political party that has candidates running for president.

3. Because you have spent hours like me researching who Barack Obama is and you are very happy that he is a Marxist Socialist that wants to destroy Wall Street where Main Street invests for the future. If Barack Obama can keep Wall Street non existent then people will have to invest in the government to survive giving Barack Obama and the Marxist Socialist (Democrats) control over everything.

4. You truly want a Socialist Marxist Government.

5. You really believe that Barack Obama is the Messiah and will deliver you to the promise land call Utopia by reversing all the damage to the world economy that the Democrats created to facilitate their control of the US Government.

6. You really believe every word that Barack Obama has said and you have carved it in stone and taken it to the mountain top.

7. You really feel that strong against George W. Bush and the best way to get George W. Bush out of office is to vote for Barack Obama even though George W Bush is not running for president.

8. You really believe every single word that Barack Obama has told you and you do not care to challenge any of it as fact or fiction.

9. You have no Idea why you are voting for Barack Obama except that a lot of people like basketball stars and rock stars think it is cool so that means you have to vote for Barack Obama.

Why are you voting for Barack Obama?

Bob Barr for President 2008

I voted. Did you?



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