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Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate (Updated 7/13/2010) October 21, 2008

OK so I went looking for this piece of information and I found it at this Los Angeles Times page.

Top of the Ticket

Here is the Barack Obama’s birth certificate that is posted there.

I was kinda convinced as I saw the same document many places.  But then I read an article that raised a flag to the validity of this image. Note the comment on the bottom.  “Any Alterations Invalidate this Certificate.”

So is this real? Has it been tampered with if it is real?

Why is the Certificate Number blacked out so that no one can research this and make sure it is valid?

If the Certificat number is blocked out to protect Barack’s Obama’s Anonymity …..  Hello, we already know who he is.   If it is to protect some one from duplication then that is not what happened here.  If the Certificate Number was still here then it would make the document an original document with only one number that is traceable and could be looked up and referenced to.

The fact that the certificate number is blocked out means that this may very well be some else’s birth certificate that has been scanned and modified in Photoshop to make it appear to be Barack Obama’s birth certificate. If you look at the document it has a repeating back ground that is very easily reproduced with a cloning stamp.  So any of this form may have been altered or reproduced.

The missing suspect Certificate Number lends me to believe that the removal of the number is protecting the original owner of the document that has been scanned and modified and that there is really no existing document from the state of Hawaii bearing Barack Obama’s name.

If this is true. Where was Barack really born?

Here is where he was born.

Not Natural Born — TRUTH MATTERS

ST Marie

Bob Barr For President 2008


3 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate (Updated 7/13/2010)”

  1. Mikeylikesit Says:

    I share your frustration, pills help me sleep.


  2. Ron Lee Says:

    Another sure giveaway on this phony birth certificate is the fathers race. African is not a race.

  3. So much energy! I think the issue has been over-blown, and that it distracts us. I have just posted on this at:

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