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Barack Obama the Hypocrite and Dictator October 21, 2008

I am so disgusted with Barack Obama.  He is just a flaming hypocrite. You must read this article at Bloomberg.

Obama Faults Bankers’ `Greed and Irresponsibility,’ Takes Cash

Barack is bashing bankers while sticking his hand in their pockets.  He is also taking huge amounts of money from lobbyists that he favors.

In a nut shell he has brainwashed both rich and the very poor to BUY his election.  Barack Obama has no creditable qualifications other than being a very convincing Marxist Socialist dictator. I am so livid that we are allowing history to repeat it self by permitting a Marxist Dictator to take over this country.

If Brian Williams worked at a fair and balanced news organization then NBC and MSNBC would do a segment about Barack Obama and the “Fleecing of America”  But alas NBC and MSNBC are hurting for ratings so they don’t want to do any real reporting on exactly what Barack Obama is doing this great country

Isn’t it obvious that this Barack Obama is not the normal patriotic politician running for the President of the United States. The way he is amassing Power and Money.  Doesn’t this seem strange to anyone except me?

This is not a normal election. People have be captured by mob action here.  The voting public has no idea why the are voting for Barack Obama except for “I like what he is telling Us.’  Why can’t people see that this is just a boondoggle against humanity.

Something is really really wrong here.  I am now more afraid of what the future will bring than right after 9/11.  I don’t like it folks and when it comes to judgement of personalities I have not been wrong more than a couple of times in my life.

Just listen to the demeanor in his voice.  This is the demeanor of a dictator.  Watch a tape of Barack and then watch a tape of any dictator in history.  The inflection in his voice. The way he holds his head up  to talk down to people.

I think what he is doing to John Mc Cain is just criminal.  Before the in the primaries Barack Obama promised to stick to campaign spending limits. That money comes from the $1.00 check box on your IRS form that uses that money for campaign spending for the candidates in the final weeks.

Well, Barack Obama was just lying. He had no intention of keeping that promise.  That was the very, very first blatant lie that he told the public.  My friends that was the first red flag that was thrown in my face to start to see that Barack Obama is a lier and has no intetntion of keeping any of the promises that he has made.

Once he gets in control, Between Barack Obama and a very, very nasty person named Nancy Pelosi the economy will just crumble under the weight of taxes.  Small and large businesses will never stand a chance.

Dark days are ahead for us unless Barack Obama is defeated along with the Marxist Socialist one party rule that this country will capitulate to.

I don’t sleep well at night anymore.

Bob Barr For President 2008



2 Responses to “Barack Obama the Hypocrite and Dictator”

  1. Dakota Brown Says:

    You are correct. My views on the canidates for the 2008 election are set from the first time i had seen the 2. Barack Obama is WRONG for america. Even though he has just currently won the electon, I am angered, and most importantly frightend in what the future holds with this very important elections’ result. John McCain is a loyal and good hearted american citizen, as Barack Obama is barely applicable to even think of winning the heart that inhabits my body. He does in fact have the posture of a dictator (Adolf Hitler, most importantly) and soon, as I see it we will be living in concentration camps soon after Obama is inaugerated.

  2. stmarie Says:

    Hi Dakota.

    Thank your for the response. In my writing I didn’t want to make any comparisons to Adolph Hitler or any specific Anarchist, Dictator or Fascist. I don’t believe there will be any concentration camps or ethnical cleansing that will happen.

    My point that I was trying to make is that I believe Barack Obama is a Socialist Dictator of sorts as I believe he will use an almost single socialist party control to mandate some possible damaging outcomes. Since I wrote this article the elections did take place and the Democratic party did not achieve filibuster proof control over both houses. This is good. So for now the Democratic Party is not a bullet proof entity that has absolute control.

    That being said it is still possible that Barack, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Franks may still try to tinker (Not eliminate) The Second Amendment, Freedom of the Press and also the First Amendment. These are all possibilities.

    My comments about Barack being a Dictator came from the fact that during his entire campaign he never had any Town Hall meetings either on his own or with John Mc Cain. Because of that it seemed to me he was alway bantering away from a podium and a very well scripted speech that he delivered to the letter. It seemed like it was always a one way conversation that no one could question. Oh sure he went and visited a lot of towns be he fielded very few questions from the public. Or at least I never saw many. The only one that I saw was the famous “Joe the Plumber.”

    When Joe confronted Barack Obama it knocked Barack off his game as he was not comfortable being challenged by anyone. Barack tumbled and defaulted to the old saying “If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Your Brilliance Then Baffle Them with Your Bullshit.” And that is exactly the round an round answer he gave Joe. Poor Joe had to be way more confused with Barack’s answer than before he asked the question.

    Barack always kept to his script and it just seemed like a one way conversation to the public never to be challenged. It was very difficult for the general public to “Question Authority.”

    My dictator comment cam from the One Way Dialog that was given to America though out his presidential campaign.

    At least John Mc Cain has boatloads of Town Hall meetings and at least listened to the concerns of the John and Sue Public in America. To me that was the most important thing that John Mc Cain did. I thought for sure that would score a lot more points with the undecided voter. But it didn’t.

    We could see at that point when Barack refused the Town Hall Meeting that he would not do well with questions from the public as they may not be politically correct questions like the hand picked Press Core that is alway in small Presidential Press Conference.

    You will see in the future Barack’s press events may have the same characteristics.

    I guess time will tell.


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