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What The Hell is Barack Saying Anyway? It’s Balderdash I Tell You. October 14, 2008

What the hell is he saying? So you think that Barack always gives you straight answers? Watch this!!

Balderdash I say.


OMG.  Was that just the biggest bunch of bull manure you ever heard. At the end poor Sam “Joe” Wurzelbacher the plumber had this really really confused look on his face.

You got to be kidding me. Barack Obama for President? The guy that lives by “If you can dazzle them with your brilliance baffle them with your bull manure.” This shows that Barack Obama does not understand main street business at all. $250,000 is wealthy? Maybe $500,000 is wealthy. It takes a minimum of $100,000 a year for a family of four to live in a reasonable house, have a car, pay health insurance (No social medicine for me thank you) and to put two children through 4 years of college at the university of their choice. It seems like Barack Obama’s American dream is to pay a lot of taxes. OMG 39% Tax? That is almost Communism. Why even work if the government is going to take that much. You can make more money on the dole. How complicated does Barack Obama want to make the Tax Code now?

Well if you pay this much tax on this but not that much tax on that I’ll give you a tax cut on something else. But if you make to much on something else I’ll give you a rebate on this. But if you make over this I’ll rebate you on that but if you make to much on that I’ll have to increase your tax on the other. Did you hear him? We call that Balderdash.

Typical Obama that has a lot of pretty words and says absolutely nothing that makes sense. Give me a break. Marxist socialism at it’s best served here.

Let me ask you all a question. Why would you want to get an education, be successful and earn a lot of money when you have to give 39% of it to the government if you earn over $250,000.00.

Why? This is Not the American Dream. This is Barack Obama’s Dream to use socialism to destroy the dreams of people that want to be successful and make a lot of money?

Why should I spend a lot of money getting an education, making a lot of money and then give it to people that get free money and have no desire to get ahead?

Barack wants to give the middle class a tax break at the cost of anyone that is successful? What kind of a tax break?  If you make less than $250,000.00 Obama said that that it would be the same as what you paid under Bill Clinton.  35% instead of 39%.

Oh yeah that is going to help the middle class a lot. Then what? People who make less than $25,000 a year pay like 10%?

Remember the people that remain in the lower income brackets by their lack of desire to move up are the biggest tax burden on the Government. They will pay the least and use the most tax dollars.  Why not encourage people the other way. The more money you earn, the less in taxes you have to pay because the people that make more money use less government services.

The problem with this country today is that we are a country of entitlement. The government owes me this, The government owes me that. Now you know why I am voting Libertarian this year. I believe in good old fashioned values that you have to WORK for what you have.  No free hand outs, no entitlement programs.

Bob Barr for President 2008

Not to mention 12 million Illegal immigrants that Barack has said nothing about preventing from getting any of my hard earned Tax money. This just wreaks of the very first stages of Communism.

Dammit people don’t you get it?

How much clearer does this have to be?

Keep in mind If the Democrats can keep people Poor, Uneducated, Unemployed and Desperate they will always have a voter base.



2 Responses to “What The Hell is Barack Saying Anyway? It’s Balderdash I Tell You.”

  1. mariestacey Says:


    I really enjoyed this post.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. stmarie Says:

    Thank you MarieStacy.


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