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An Open Letter to Kaleokualoha October 14, 2008

Hi Kaleokualoha,

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your candor and challenge. I have to admit that I may have had a “Moment” when I wrote that part. I will change it to “Political Differences.” And I will do more research on this. It will be about how useless the unions are as this was Frank Marshall’s mission as I read it. (I am an ex-teamster.) Unlike Barack I admit my mistakes and I am honest with people.

I do not believe anything that Barack Obama says. He is a very very hardcore socialist. I believe that he has other motives that I the people do not know anything about. I don’t even think Joe Biden knows what he is going to do. Both Barack and Michelle have very checkered pasts when it comes to radical Afro American positions.

In case you are wondering:

Bob Barr (L) for President 2008.

Bob Barr has been libertarian working on preserving the bill of rights. A noble cause. Not Socialistic at all.

Now you know my position. Keep in mind what you are supporting. If Barack Obama gets elected then the Democrats (Socialist Party) will control the House, Senate and Congress. This will be a Single Socialist Party controlled government. In the free world this is called a Communist Country where the government controls everything and the citizens control nothing and do not have a BILL OF RIGHTS. Everything that Barack says appears to me like he wants the Citizens of the United States to be totally dependent on the US Government.   Obama to me has to many dictator/anarchist qualities about him with his golden tongue that everyone is just mesmerized by. Obama is not John Kennedy.  Barack Obama never served this country. John Kennedy was an American that served this country like John Mc Cain. The report on Obama being a patriot  is not in yet.

By the fact that he has distanced himself from ACORN, he doesn’t seem to mind that they are committing voter registration fraud in his favor. I bet you that if ACORN was committing the same voter fraud for John MC Cain or any other candidate then Barack’s campaign would be hauling out the big guns and just making a huge deal about it. But because ACORN, even though Barack is not now part of it, is fraudulently signing up poor people that may not even be able to read in Barack’s favor, Barack says nothing. Oh, he comments on it. But he isn’t anything to stop it. Ok, Stop it, Just stop it.

Do think Really think ACORN is coercing people to register as Republicans?……. Give me a frigging break here. How stupid do you think anyone is to believe that ACORN is a non partisan organization.

So were am I going with this?

Think about how elections are rigged, fixed, tainted or any other word that you want to use in dictator controlled countries.

Enough said.



One Response to “An Open Letter to Kaleokualoha”

  1. RS Sukle Says:

    Franklin Marshall Davis was once a member of the CPUSA and friends with Paul Robeson as was my father who also served as a secretary to the IWO (International Workers Order) and who along with others like Robeson and Davis debated issues for the Civil Rights Congress in the 1940’s. My father left the party in the late 1940’s and left the state of New Jersey in fear of his life to hide out in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. He did say a lot of people of color joined the Communist Party in the early 1930’s because there was no other group doing anything to help their cause.
    Viewing the tight organization of the Obama campaign reminded me of tales my father told me about his time as an organizer for the CIO. The Communist Party trained them well in media manipulation, grass roots organizing, and delivering clever and inspiring speeches. The Obama retoric at the Berlin Wall and about spreading the wealth strongly resembled the content in some of my fathers old speeches.
    When the iron curtain appeared to melt in the early 1990’s my father didn’t believe it.
    “It’s a ruse,” he said. “They’re sneaky devils and will go underground until they can slowly conquer us from within. McCarthy and Truman knew, and so did I.”

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