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My letter to Bob Barr Libertarian Party Candidate October 8, 2008

I am now researching information to vote for you at this time. I am not sold on John Mc Cain and there is something seriously troubling about Barack Obama as I have pointed out in my Blog.

So now I want to focus more on what you are proposing to do. We all have seen down markets but not as bad as they are now. But time will heal it and even though this time may take longer it will heal.

My Priorities are:

1. Stopping illegal immigration and severely punishing the CEOs and owners of companies that do hire Illegal Immigrants.

2. Securing our borders

3. Expanding the Roth IRA program to $6000.00 for 50 yrs old and under and up to $9000.00 for 50 and over so that people can have additional savings in addition to Social Security that was never designed for people to live off of. It is supposed to be in addition to pensions that do not exist any more.

4. Alternative energy first, Drilling safely without damaging the environment for oil and natural gas on our continent.

5. Larger tax incentives to auto manufactures for alternative fuel vehicles. But not for fossel fuel vehicles. Give them more money for R & D to develop any vehicle that will use anything accept diesel or gasoline.

6. Create tax free government investments for things like Cellular Communications, Roads, bridges, wind generator farms, Communications infrastructure, Cross Country Power Transmission, Interstate Highway System, Restoring our National Park System and finally Railroads. Let’s get the railroads back to the grand stature that they were up until the 1950’s Fast safe trains that run all over the county even into small towns. Get rid of Amtrak and encourage free enterprise again in passenger rail service. Create a country of high speed electric Mag Lev trains that do not burn fossil fuel or damage the environment.

Bob Believe me. If people can invest in instruments that will go to the rebuilding of our country and not pay capital gains taxes on the profits they will come in droves and the Government will be flush with money to rebuild this country without paying more taxes. These long term bonds or investments can be put in a person’s IRA and help them retire in their later years. Not to mention all the jobs that would be created rebuilding the aging infrastructure of the United States of America.

7. A flat income tax. 10% for $1000 to $300,000 a year and 15% for $300,000 and over. All deductions are eliminated. The IRS will still exist to collect these taxes but the IRS will be a lot smaller and less convoluted. There will be no Capital gains taxes, or Death taxes. If there are no deductions then everyone will have to pay 10% or 15% out of their paycheck. Social Security will remain the same deduction as well as state an local payroll taxes. The only thing that changes is Federal Income Tax. So if you can deliver any of this we should chat.

Thank you,



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