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Who won the Debate?? October 7, 2008

I happen to not be a mindless cow that follows a golden tongued Marxist Dictator. Just look at his demeanor. He talks to people like they (The Voters) are very, very stupid and he has all the answers.  His nose in the air like an elitist that believes his manure doesn’t stink.

John Mc Cain is the clear winner tonight. He has given me the most substance and facts. Barack Obama just spewed the Diatribe, Balderdash and Ballyhoo that he always spews.  I believe that helping home owners re-negotiate, not pay for, the upside down loans is a great idea.

There are three types of speakers.

1. Communicator: A person that has facts and substance and communicates effectively so people get the message and know what to do with that information.

2. Educator: A person that may not be a perfect speaker but has a lot of knowledge and has the ability to inform people so they can learn and process the the information and thus know what to do with that information. (John Mc Cain)

3 Orator: A person that speaks eloquently with perfect words and yet says nothing. Talks in circles. It usually takes the form of Diatribe, Balderdash and Ballyhoo. A person that talks about things that are not important or relevant and is information that is useless and leaves the audience very confused. “What the hell is he/she spewing about?” (Barack Obama)



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