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Barack Obama, Voter Fraud, and Barack Obama’s Posse: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now October 7, 2008

OK time to talk about Barack Obama and ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and how he plans on indirectly fixing the election.  It is very obvious that Barack Obama is not telling ACORN what to do.  However he was a driving force at ACORN as a “Community Organizer” in 1992.

Article from the Wall Street Journal/Market Watch:

The Acorn/Obama Rhetoric 

From the Wall Street Journal/Market Watch

“ACORN’s Political Action Committee Endorsed Obama. “[A]CORN’s political action committee endorsed Barack Obama for President. … The endorsement reflects a belief that Obama — who worked as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago — understands that change must come from the ground-up, as part of a working coalition, rather than from position papers.” (Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Op-Ed, “ACORN: Obama Gets It,” The Nation, 2/23/08)”

So what does all this mean?  Well ACORN has a history of falsifying voter registration and not in the favor of the Republican Party.  ACORN preys on poor, uninformed Afro American’s and Latinos.  Usually people that have little or no exposure to the media as I’m sure that there are a percentage of these target voters that cannot even read or write.  Much less have access to all types of media like papers, cable or satellite TV.

These target voters that ACORN goes after will never hear or see a story like the following:

ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation

Or a page from the Chicago Sun Times. Remember Barack Obama is from Illinois with deep roots in the corrupt Democratic Politics in the City of Chicago.  I was also born and raised in Chicago so I have lived with the corrupt Richard J. Daley organization.

ACORN/Project Vote voting drive targeted states Obama needs to win.

Here is an excerpt from the page above.

“WASHINGTON–In 1992, Barack Obama worked for Project Vote for about seven months; now Project Vote and ACORN–a coalition of community organizations serving low income families–just wrapped up a voter registration drive targeting battleground states Obama needs to win the White House.

Though officially non-partisan, the focus of the ACORN/Project Vote voter drive was on groups leaning Democratic in the presidential contest: African American, young, Latino and low income earners. They are called “historically underrepresented in elections” in a press release issued by the group on Monday. Republicans would call these target groups Democrats.

ACORN/Project Vote ran voter registration operations in 21 states; included are the battlegrounds Colorado, Florida, Michigan (since move to Obama) Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

McCain campaign spokesman Ben Porritt released this statement after this item was posted.

“ACORN is one of the largest radical organizations in America that represents another questionable association of Barack Obama’s. Obama’s campaign has been endorsed by ACORN’s political action committee and their sister corporation received nearly $1 million from Obama’s campaign which they originally misrepresented on their FEC report. ACORN masquerades their efforts as good yet the endless examples of voter fraud and wrongdoing makes clear that their true mission is to poison the political process. ACORN’s efforts are reminiscent of the sleazy Chicago politics that Barack Obama embraces.””

WIKI Link:

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Excerpt From Wiki

ACORN and Voter Registration Fraud.

In some locations, ACORN employees have submitted false voter registration forms rather than obtaining registrations from actual eligible voters.


  • In Ohio in 2004, four ACORN employees were indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms.[19][20]
  • In January 2005 two Colorado ACORN workers were sentenced to community service for submitting false voter registrations.[21] ACORN’s regional director said, “we find it abhorrent and do everything we can to prevent it from happening.”[22]
  • On November 12006, four part-time ACORN employees were indicted in Kansas City, Missouri for voter registration fraud. Prosecutors said the indictments are part of a national investigation.[23] ACORN said in a press release that it is in part responsible in these individuals being caught, has fired them, and has cooperated and publicly supported efforts to look into the validity of the allegations.[24]
  • ACORN was investigated in 2006 for submitting false voter registrations in St. Louis, Missouri. 1,492 fraudulent voter registrations were identified.[25][26]
  • In 2007, five Washington state ACORN workers were sentenced to jail time.[27] ACORN agreed to pay King County $25 000 for its investigative costs and acknowledged that the national organization could be subject to criminal prosecution if fraud occurs again. According to King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg, the misconduct was done “as an easy way to get paid [by ACORN], not as an attempt to influence the outcome of elections.”[28][29]
  • In 2008, the Michigan Secretary of State office told the Detroit Free Press that ACORN had been submitting a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications to vote.[30]
  • In 2008, the Las Vegas ACORN Office was raided due to voter fraud complaints.[31]



An Article from the Chicago Sun Times.

So where is all this going?  Why do I bring up all these facts?  Well, Obama is going to win most likely.  But how he wins is the question. Will it be fair? Or will there be some “Vote Fixin'” going on?

I’d bet on the latter.



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