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2012 Election Information

This is the change that Barack Obama will bring. October 6, 2008

Today as I watched my saving dissolve into almost nothing. I cringe that the Democrats have lied to us over the years. And now the naive public is going to elect another criminal into office.

And another;

Ok so now your argument may be, Well that is all from Fox News.  Here is the problem. All these facts are true, but you will never get them on main stream media.  Why because the mainstream media has no reason to ever tell both sides of a story as they are government influenced and also very dependent on commercial sales. So while Fox News seems be bias… well they maybe a little or a lot… they will still bring out stories that you will not find on ABC, NBC, CBS. MSNBC CNN etc.  The sad part about this is that the poorest most desperate people can only view main stream media and will never see another side other than the liberal side of a story.  Rather they will follow like lost children into to the Obama abyss.



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