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Barack Obama and the Brainwashing of little children just like in Communist Countries October 3, 2008

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10/1/08  7:30 AM

Last night I saw a very disturbing video about Obama on the news.  It was a video of little children singing a song saying “Obama Will Save Us”.  It brought back a vision of little children in China that were singing about Chairman Mao Se Tung.  Little children brainwashed by ether their parents or sadly a teacher. Notice the “Change” Banner in the background. It is not the American Flag!!! it is the same logo on Barack Obama’s jet tail.  Barack said it was just the logo from the Airline that Barack “Leased” the plane from.  Another lie that Barack Obama has told us. What is that Logo. I thought a citizen and patriot of the United States would be very, very proud to display the American Flag.

See the same logo on a “Change” Banner in the background of this video.

Who or what is Barack Obama?

Is this the new flag of the “North American Union”  That is Canada, The United States and Mexico without borders.

Who are these people that are brainwashing children into singing these songs?  These children have no understanding of what the this presidential election is about.  Why are these little children being used as a performing puppet for Obama?  This just has elements of a tyrant trying to control a country.

This is not a healthy way to run an election.


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