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Barack Obama and The Communist Party October 2, 2008

9/30/08  5:30 AM

OK so all night last night I couldn’t sleep.  There was something about what I said earlier about this beginning to sound a lot like Communism.

And then Last night it hit me.  In a sense the Democratic Party has brought us to Communistic state.

Here is why.  The case I stated in the CRA post has showed how we got to this point.  Now just think about it.

In a free enterprise we all have jobs and earn money, save money and invest in the stock market for our future.  Businesses serve communities by providing jobs and services. This is the way it is supposed to be.

Over the years the Democratic Party has fought free enterprise by telling people that business owners, Wall Street and anyone who has invested in Wall Street is taking advantage of Main Street.

So the Democratic Party has and is now systematically destroying the economy in America by weakening the free enterprise system and making Main Street more dependent on the Federal Government to save us.

Now the cry on the street is “WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT GOING TO DO FOR US?” Well to the Communist Nations that is what exactly their mantra is. Pay the government and the government will provide all your needs. We are now in that position to fall to that Under Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Everything was going rather well yesterday until Nancy Pelosi made those gut wrenching comments in the middle of negations again putting the blame on the Republicans for all the damage that the Republicans did in the past to cause this.  Not to put the Republicans on a pedestal, they did not take it like an adult and they walked out.

Now we have the Jewish Holidays and the Jewish lawmakers are taking their holiday which is understandable but not acceptable in this time of crisis.  I’m sure God would understand if they stayed and helped their fellow mankind to survive.  I believe that God is very understanding and will not put these people in hell for staying and finishing the job at hand. Please see the following video:

Apparently Time Warner took forced the removal of the original UTube page not allowing a student to use the music under the Fair Use Doctrine ( It seems that Time Warner who donated $338,527 to Barack Obama so the producers of that video have a new version with new music.

Ah Social Pseudo-Communism at its best.


One Response to “Barack Obama and The Communist Party”

  1. spaceman Says:

    Obama seems to fancy himself a god.
    Or that is the image he wants to project. Does that sound like someone you want to be holding the missile switch?

    So we find out he is a commie pinko lover.

    We know he is an ex-muslim. Just what do Muslims do by command of Allah to ex-muslims? Just imagine how Obama being President would enrage them. 9/11 will look like a cake walk.


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